September 1, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief Dance-A-Thon

In an effort to help those families displaced, Sugar Land Dance Center will be hosting a Dance-A-Thon this Saturday, September 2nd from 1-4pm.  Anyone can participate; it doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or not.  No experience is necessary and school age kids 8 and older are invited to participate.

Participants will get pledges for each hour they complete.  The Dance-A-Thon is 3 hours, however, participants will be given a break each hour to get a drink, use the restroom, etc.  So start collecting those pledges!

If you are interested in dancing, please let us know.   If you know any school age kids that are able to participate, please share the info.  The more people that participate, the greater the impact we can make.  Donations will be sent to the Red Cross and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.